Leonardo Dicaprio Doing Things.

Leonardo Dicaprio sitting next to Martin Scorsese while passing gas. Martin turned to Leonardo and reportedly asked him if he had eaten a dead ham, egg & cheese sandwich.

Leonardo Dicaprio offering his soul to one of the judges on this years Oscar at one of his movie premiers.

Leonardo Dicaprio feeling awkward after Carey Mulligan motioned her agent to sit between them. It was reported Leonardo was trying to get her to go to Taco Bell with him and discuss how the female anatomy works along with investing in his time shares.

Leonardo Dicaprio telling a bad and distasteful joke at a Star Wars convention about Yoda’s species. After a long silence he clapped his hands and headed off the stage before being asked by security to leave immediately as the audience started to riot.

Leonardo Dicaprio singing Afraid by The Neighbourhood to a group of girl scouts before being interrupted when their group leader announced a impromptu cookie break.

Leonardo Dicaprio harassing and threatening fans to take pictures with him at the legos movie premier before leaving to get McDonalds across the street.

please bring this blog back i read the entire thing almost every day

That is the nicest compliment, thank you. Maybe one day soon, after I’m done polishing my new golden globe.

when can we meet up to trade pokemon cards?

This weekend, if I get my chores done.

Leonardo Dicaprio gasping at a female friends embarrassing story while ignoring a tennis game.

Leonardo Dicaprio trying to figure out what the smell on his finger is from. Reportedly he told paparazzi it smelled of peanuts and the inside of Jessica Biels purse.